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Puerto Concepcion del Uruguay Location: Located at km 183 of the Uruguay River, right bank. Province of Entre Rios. Rada: South road between km 178 and km 179 of the Uruguay River. North Rada between km 183 and km 184 of the Uruguay River. Springs: No. 3-4 for general cargo. Length 212 mts. Height 5.6 m. No. 5-6-7 disabled. Nº 8 and 9 for smaller vessels, 70 to 80 meters. Height: 5.60 m No. 15-16-16 BIS for general cargo. Length 200 mts. Height 7.6 m. Nº 20-21-22 for grain loading in bulk, silo with capacity for 23,000 M / T with a loading rate of 500 M / T hour, air draft of 18 M. Length 90.85 meters. Height 7.6 m. No. 23 (flammable) for fuel discharge. Length 80 mts. Height 7.6 m. Restrictions: Maximum length 225 mts. Maximum draft: recommended by riders 7.30 m. Mooring / unmooring: port entry and exit maneuvers are carried out in daylight.



Peru 523 
Concepcion del Uruguay, Entre Rios, Argentina.


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